Keys to choose a sweater according to your body type

Enjoy warm ride well, but always with style is the advice of a personal shopper Claudia Arnello.

Sweaters, besides fulfilling the function of shelter, allow you to create entertaining and fashionable looks. But it is important to know which model favors us more depending on each person’s body.

That is why, the personal shopper Claudia delivery Arnello several tips for making a good choice.

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How to clean the mattress

Strong and healthy sleep is largely on a daily basis he bestimmt.Dass of the mattress on which we sleep was the most comfortable, a little to the right model finden. Es should also systematically care for it, so that the smell, dust and moisture.

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Intelligent Cooling – this love?

The main difference from the Air conditioning that he does not know how to think. Air conditioning is able and how! It combines the work of a large number of household appliances: air conditioners, ionizer, humidifier and dehumidifier, ventilation, radiators, underfloor heating. To supervise the work of all of this technology, a panel will not be enough.

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Back repair iPhone

For example, if only the back of an iPhone is defective, can replace these easily. This is also true when the glass of the camera lens is scratched. The glass of the camera lens is fixed to the back of the iPhone. To repair a broken camera lens, you therefore also exchange the back of the iPhone. It’s quick and does not require a professional repair service.

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This wonderfully chic dress

What you do not even, one would like to have. Smaller women would like probably the most nothing more than wonderful long legs. Large women with long legs, however, often feel a little uncomfortable because they feel to act lanky. Therefore, Maxi Dresses a good tip because they caress the legs nicely or even conceal. Uma Thurman Also loves her floor-length summer dress, which looks super trendy with flat sandals especially.

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Learn languages ​​- tips and tricks

Immerse yourself in the language! Even from home.
It would be ideal if you had 1-2 days to immerse fully in a language. That means: From morning to evening read only in this language, listening to the radio, television and communication. Then your brain can not escape. Do you do that often or even at Block 4-5 days in a row, then suddenly you’re going to catch you as you think in English, Spanish, French. It will not be a philosophical journey through time that is going on in your head, but the foreign words and phrases are floating around in your skull palace. Perfect. Now you are on the right path!

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