How to make delicious spreads itself

Whether with vegetables, legumes or as sweet version with nut butter – homemade spreads are prepared in no time. You can choose the ingredients according to your mood and know exactly what’s inside. With fresh, crusty bread taste at any time.

Bio, regional or fair ingredients – the choice is yours

Not only for people with intolerances Making your own is therefore the better option, says Männle. “More and more consumers have the desire to know exactly what’s on her plate.” For example, high-quality vegetable oils, regional and organic vegetables or Fair Trade spices: “If I make my spread itself, I can decide on the quality of the ingredients themselves,” says health consultant. And homemade taste just fresh: “You taste the individual ingredients out properly.”

Selbermachen sounds like a lot of time. “But it’s true not,” says chef and author Heike Kügler-Anger. “Many spreads can finish it while the partner goes to the bakery.” be a flash above all the raw food spreads, as consisting of finely crushed avocado. This is with lemon juice, salt, pepper or alternatively fresh herbs and some cream cheese to spread.

Or something with Naturtofu: Wash and dry this. “Then with dried tomatoes, a little soy sauce, paprika and salt and pepper puree to a smooth paste.” Who still has potatoes left from lunch, can this crush and refine taste and flavor, for example, with freshly grated horseradish or finely chopped arugula. A spoonful of sour cream or cottage cheese provides extra melting. There are also spices: “Since one is really completely free, for example, Asia with cumin or curry and Mediterranean with basil or rosemary,” says Kügler-Anger.

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Professional chef reveals five golden rules for seasonings

Spices give food the right pep and make even the most boring vegetables to treat. However, you should heed when seasoning a few tips to help sneak any unpleasant flavors. Five golden rules spice.

Rule number one: courage to unusual combinations

“Barriers in the head can use any good cook, this is also true when seasoning,” says Michael Hummel, a member of the German Chefs Association (VKD). His golden rule number one is: let the creative juices flow and not get too limiting.

“One should dare to combine everything together. Only then new taste sensations are possible. Who would have thought that strawberries and bell peppers or onions and oranges harmonize so well?” Says Hummel, the already cooked in the National Culinary Team and several culinary art exhibitions has won gold and silver medals.
made roast slightly
With this finger trick your meat is perfectly
With this finger trick your meat perfectly

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