Basic rules of selection of cosmetics for skin care

Women with healthy skin tend to have a clear idea and well-defined rules of care for women ea.Astfel care very strict rules -. Whether rejection of sunbathing, rubbing the skin yogurt, etc. Should not act so gelozie.Dar, if you select the key tools that are appropriate for your skin type, and will be reasonable and flexible to use them, you get luxury without cusur.Principalul skin – not become dependent on products cosmetic and not to change their habits skin care every five minutes – can only be bad.

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All about Creatine

There are plenty of supplements, more or less effective, more or less harmful. Creatine is by far the most used supplement from us and most effective. I consumed myself at a time, so gladly recommend it to those who really need. In the lines below I will try to summarize everything about Creatine. Myths, stories, truths …

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New weapon against Hausstauballergie

Hoffnung für Hausstauballergiker: Statt einer langwierigen Immuntherapie mit Spritzen können nun Tabletten Linderung verschaffen. Derzeit läuft in deutschen Arztpraxen eine Zwei-Jahres-Studie. Dort wird dokumentiert, wie sicher und verträglich das Medikament ist. Nebenwirkungen sind nicht ausgeschlossen.

Einfache Auflösung

Die sogenannte Schmelztablette ist kleiner als ein Centstück und sollte einmal täglich eingenommen werden. Man legt sie einfach unter die Zunge, wo sie sich innerhalb von 30 Sekunden auflöst. So wird der Wirkstoff über die Mundschleimhaut aufgenommen. Der Patient darf etwa eine Minute lang nicht schlucken und während der folgenden fünf Minuten nichts essen oder trinken. Damit man mit dem Arzt mögliche Nebenwirkungen besprechen kann, soll die erste Acarizax-Tablette in der Praxis eingenommen werden und der Proband 30 Minuten unter medizinischer Beobachtung bleiben.

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Spring cleaning – also against mites

When the cold temperatures subside slowly and the first rays initiate the spring, begins in many households of spring cleaning. All furniture is polished, cleaned the windows and finally made the beds summer product again. But the real danger lurks – at least for people with dust allergies – in the mattress.

There now begin mites to multiply and intensify the allergy burden. This is that accumulate the protein components from their droppings, the trigger of the allergy, in the mattress. In the summer can be populated with up to 10 million mites mattress. To enjoy the summer carefree, so also the bed is recommended as part of spring cleaning to thoroughly clean and treat the mattress with Milbopax Mite Spray

The house dust mite declare war

The house dust allergy is a year-round phenomenon: Swollen and reddened eyes, a runny nose and sneezing morning to strong breathing difficulties may be the symptoms. Although the mite population by the dry air in winter decreases slightly, the allergy symptoms may be increased, however. This is because the heating air the dust stirred up strong and thus the mite. In the spring, the mites multiply by the favorable climate again very strong. To break this cycle, it is useful to spray the mattress twice a year with Milbopax mite spray.

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