Like any crafts like shoemaking when they are engaged from generation to generation

Shoes like being taken care of. But, by the way, this is learned in the army, as we know, the soldiers boots should shine like a cat egg. By the way, I have never seen any special qualities brilliant in the specified place in male cats, but the army says it.
And the mark will shine so and boots. And do you want to know how important time to wash the dirt, lubricate the shoe, then fired to shine. Glitter, by the way, happens in different ways – the army needs the most shiny option.

When an expensive shoe store – for example, on the most “masculine” street in London – in Jermyn Street – one is hit the hard smell of leather, not beauty elegantly sewn the shoes pairs, and above all (I – first and foremost) the abundance of accessories. Such can be seen in special shaving shops, where there is something special, especially “before” – creams and shave gels, especially sensitive to delicate, dry skin, candy and syakie shaving brushes, creams and lotions – on “after”. ..
It is about the same diversity of offer guy, buy a pair of shoes, which is placed in the box like a cute baby, preference wrapping each shoe separately in velvet bag, echo color of the box.

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