The Gigabit WLAN comes

The Berlin manufacturer AVM has presented at the CeBIT computer fair, what the new router generation can. Even manufacturers such as Netgear and Asus promises new techniques the transmission rates of the previously fastest wireless routers to triple. However, the new technique has a large hook.

The Gigabit WLAN comes

However, most router manufacturers opt for a variant / s transmits at 5 GHz on four streams with up to 1733 Mbit. Four other data streams transmitted data in the 2.4 GHz band with maximum transfer rates of 800 MHz. In practice, however, only half of the gross values ​​is usually achieved. Nevertheless, transmission speeds of one gigabit is not unrealistic. Compared to a router with the still widespread standard 802.11n (450 Mbit / s) are the 125 instead of 56 megabytes per second flow over the WLAN.

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E-mail and news wherever you

Whether mails from friends, the weather or exciting current issues: The News App combines the most far-reaching portal in Germany with the most popular services like email and weather. Push notifications about important breaking news, free online games and Liveticker for sports and TV events complete the offer and make the app useful and entertaining traveling companion.

Instant access to e-mail and weather information

Particularly popular services like e-mail and weather are directly accessible via icons at the top of the home page. As e-mail client, you can log in to your T-Online mailbox. Once messages arrive, the icon on the home page, the number of your new mail.

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Adobe released an emergency update for Flash

Adobe has updated the Flash Player. Version includes a total of 23 security vulnerabilities in the multimedia application for browsers. One of them is already exploited for attacks with Trojans. It is advisable to install the update immediately.
For background of the attacks, the Russian antivirus specialist expressed not yet. That Adobe nachbesserte the original update quickly, shows how critical the vulnerability. The gap enables the spread of malicious software, for example, using crafted web pages and emails.

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How to make delicious spreads itself

Whether with vegetables, legumes or as sweet version with nut butter – homemade spreads are prepared in no time. You can choose the ingredients according to your mood and know exactly what’s inside. With fresh, crusty bread taste at any time.

Bio, regional or fair ingredients – the choice is yours

Not only for people with intolerances Making your own is therefore the better option, says Männle. “More and more consumers have the desire to know exactly what’s on her plate.” For example, high-quality vegetable oils, regional and organic vegetables or Fair Trade spices: “If I make my spread itself, I can decide on the quality of the ingredients themselves,” says health consultant. And homemade taste just fresh: “You taste the individual ingredients out properly.”

Selbermachen sounds like a lot of time. “But it’s true not,” says chef and author Heike Kügler-Anger. “Many spreads can finish it while the partner goes to the bakery.” be a flash above all the raw food spreads, as consisting of finely crushed avocado. This is with lemon juice, salt, pepper or alternatively fresh herbs and some cream cheese to spread.

Or something with Naturtofu: Wash and dry this. “Then with dried tomatoes, a little soy sauce, paprika and salt and pepper puree to a smooth paste.” Who still has potatoes left from lunch, can this crush and refine taste and flavor, for example, with freshly grated horseradish or finely chopped arugula. A spoonful of sour cream or cottage cheese provides extra melting. There are also spices: “Since one is really completely free, for example, Asia with cumin or curry and Mediterranean with basil or rosemary,” says Kügler-Anger.

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Professional chef reveals five golden rules for seasonings

Spices give food the right pep and make even the most boring vegetables to treat. However, you should heed when seasoning a few tips to help sneak any unpleasant flavors. Five golden rules spice.

Rule number one: courage to unusual combinations

“Barriers in the head can use any good cook, this is also true when seasoning,” says Michael Hummel, a member of the German Chefs Association (VKD). His golden rule number one is: let the creative juices flow and not get too limiting.

“One should dare to combine everything together. Only then new taste sensations are possible. Who would have thought that strawberries and bell peppers or onions and oranges harmonize so well?” Says Hummel, the already cooked in the National Culinary Team and several culinary art exhibitions has won gold and silver medals.
made roast slightly
With this finger trick your meat is perfectly
With this finger trick your meat perfectly

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IG Metall wants more money for VW employees

Convinced of the IG Metall billion cost of diesel scandal at Volkswagen have no reason to withdraw in the next VW-house bargaining round. “We do not see any trigger, because the final” “zurückzustecken” Diesel gate, said IG Metall district head and chief negotiator Hartmut Meine in Hannover.

Since 2008, the IG Metall wage demands for VW in which the surface orient. In recent years, the increases were always the same, in the VW-house fare but there was usually a cherry on top of it – about one-time payments or one-time pension grants.

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Porsche employees get lush Bonus

The sports cars and SUVs Bauer Porsche liked prides itself as the most profitable carmaker in the world, recently presented CEO Oliver Blume fantastic numbers. In can now look forward the workforce, because they get a handsome bonus.

The grant is divided into a cash prize (8211 euros) and a pension allowance (700 euros). Porsche CEO Oliver Blume spoke of deserved reward for dedication. The amount of 8911 Euro is an allusion to the Porsche sports car model 911th

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Microsoft 10

Microsoft has unveiled a Linux operating system. This is not a premature April Fool (and not a farewell to Windows), but part of a new open source initiative.

Microsoft brings a Debian Linux on the market, Sonic called.
The open source OS is intended for network systems.
Microsoft continues its open source initiative.

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