rolling Shutters

The functional principle of such doors is reminiscent of conventional roller shutters or roller shutters. Their fabric consists of separate aluminum panels with a foam filling. When opened, they curl into a roll attached to the ceiling or in a special box.

Unlike the cut and up and garage door, roller doors have the height of the garage do not diminish and require no free space in front of it like a revolving door.
Among the perceived shortcomings may be – the inability to establish in them a gate, and a high degree of thermal conductivity.

After examining the types of garage doors you can draw such conclusions:

If you need a cheap garage door, then you have the choice to stop at the swing or roller doors.
if you need a reliable thermal insulation of the garage, the best garage doors are cut in this case;
If there is a minimum of free space in front of the garage, the swing gates are not possible.

How to select an automatic gate automation

Today, the door with an automatic drive is very much in demand. But not everyone knows how to choose automatic garage doors so they are 100% satisfied. First, it must be said that the automatic drive is installed in all types of gates.

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