Sweater light colors

1. A medium-length, medium-length pullover is an excellent solution for cold weather. It can also be combined with narrow skirts, trousers, jeans and long-stretched models with pantyhose.

2. A straight monophonic sweater with neckline is the basic thing in a wardrobe of the business lady. This model can be safely combined with the elements of the pants suit without violating the rules of the office dress code.

3. A tight sweater with high neckline is an excellent solution for a slim figure. It can be worn like straight skirts and pants, and with jeans “friend” and flared skirts by Maxi or Midi.

4. Oversized sweater is a model that has become popular with many women of fashion, which fits perfectly with skinny pants and jeans, elbows and tight, tight-fitting figure skirts.

5. Sweaters of bright colors or variants with interesting animations are very popular with young ladies. They should be combined with neutral colors. Otherwise, you risk ruining your picture.

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