To provide the child with a personal mentor

In addition, such a specialist is well aware of the literature that will help in the preparation and can advise the necessary textbook or a collection of exercises, will tell in detail about the registration process, requirements, timing and secrets of success of those of his students who entered your desired school, which he prepared .
He certainly has a network of contacts that can also help you in the process of getting your advice and advice. In such cases, the tutor-specialist in preparation for the entrance exams will be an invaluable assistant not only for the children themselves, but also for the parents.

We have already touched on this aspect before – the tutor is not just a teacher who dictates rules or mechanically solves problems along with your child, it is a person who knows firsthand about all the problems that your child is facing. A good tutor graduated from the prestigious school and university – he himself went through a huge academic load, he knows about time management, discipline and the importance of a positive attitude.

Classes are also personal relationships, a friendly tutor who sincerely cares about the success of your child, always supports him with advice or an encouraging story, tells about his experience, teaches him some trick or “gadget”, which he can impress teachers and classmates . In the person of such a teacher, the child will receive a living example, a role model and a “mentor” who will speak with him in one language.

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