Which mattress to choose for a newborn in a crib

Soon the baby will appear in the family and the parents are eagerly looking forward to appear. Diapers, clothes, toys, a bath, a bed and many other things are already bought. But, often, parents are faced with a serious choice for the mattress to buy in the newborn’s bed. That’s what this conversation will talk about.
Mattress requirements for newborns

The most important requirement is safety and comfort. This condition is necessary for the child to sleep quietly. This is why the basic and important requirements are applied to the mattress.

Breathability. This is very important because the child in a dream can return and then he will have nothing to breathe. The skin of a newborn must also breathe, so microcirculation is very important.
Stiffness. For a newborn, heavy mattresses are most often used because they are useful not only for the back but also for bone formation. Sometimes parents choose a two-sided mattress that has 2 degrees of stiffness from different parts. In this case, the soft side is only used when the baby grows.
The mattress should not cause allergies to the baby. Currently, most children tend to run on anything from birth. Because children spend a lot of time on it, they should be completely ecological, made of quality material, suitable for children.
The orthopedic effect. This element is not so important to the baby, but if you do not suddenly think about changing the mattress in the next few years, it is better to buy the item in advance.
The mattress should have a mattress cover and a cover. It is desirable that both are waterproof. It is much more convenient to quickly wipe the soaked mattress than to wash it constantly. It is desirable to have several mattress covers in stock.

These are the basic requirements to be respected when choosing a mattress in a baby cot for a newborn.

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